Be your own cheerleader

“Flattery feels a lot better than insults,” they say, but have you ever felt uncomfortable accepting praise?

I have two words for you: “OWN IT!” There should be no shame, guilt or embarrassment in doing so.

For some, even thinking about their positive traits makes them uncomfortable. They find it much easier to see what is wrong with them.

But as unnatural as it might feel at first, we need to cut ourselves some slack. Some days we’ll crush it, other day not so much — just like everyone else!

Instead of acting out of the fear of being judged, the motivation for our goals should be our own passion or love towards achieving them. Our mission should never be something we need to do in order to be accepted by others!

There is nothing wrong with speaking about yourself positively and absolutely nothing wrong with happily acknowledging it when someone compliments you—just accept it and feel happy about it.

I often say that I am quite braggy and I love being that way. I am my own cheerleader. It is important to be your own cheerleader.

Being our own cheerleader is not about bragging or just showing off. It is about celebrating your successes, however small they might be, and patting yourself on the back!

So how do you become your own cheerleader?

Have a “reverse bucket list

Did you finish a tough project, learn a new skill, or complete a small but important step toward achieving your New Year’s resolution? Remember to celebrate it.

Make time to think about what you have achieved this week/month/year. When you take the time to count your accomplishments, you will realize that you have a bunch of things to feel proud of.

Bucket lists contain things you want to achieve; reverse bucket lists are for ticking items off your list and taking credit for them!

Positive self-talk

Did you not land the job that you wanted to, or did not achieve the grade you were hoping for? Rather than dwelling on what you didn’t achieve, why not recognize the value of all that you did accomplish? Then reward yourself with a few kind words or a little pampering.

It multiplies when you share

Stories have the power to encourage and to inspire. Share your story, including your successes and failures, and you will have the power to change someone’s world. Let your colleagues at work know when you have solved a tough business problem, share your achievements with any sister groups or women’s clubs that you are part of, and don’t be shy to announce it on social media when you get your well-deserved promotion. Know and communicate your worth to the community, and it will respond.

Run your own race; don’t compare

You are a unique individual and you are not in competition with anyone other than you. So, don’t be hard on yourself by comparing someone else’s journey with yours and feeling low about it. Again, let your passions motivate you, and comparison will become irrelevant.

Don’t be shy about asking for help

Time and again, it is important to ask for help. Acknowledging your shortcomings, rather than masking them, is a sign of strength, not weakness.

What happens when you become your own cheerleader?

When you find ways to create memories around your successes, these act as tangible reinforcements for the future when you are encountering hardships or experiencing moments of self-doubt.

Furthermore, with self-appreciation comes self-love, an increased mindfulness of your own worth. Be appreciative towards your weaknesses, too. Besides, people are more likely to appreciate someone who appreciates themselves.

Finally, self-appreciation helps you work towards your passion, which helps you build an authentic personal brand. Your brand is your story, the story you can tell others to showcase the real you, the person whose identity is not restricted to their job title or industry they work in.

So, remember to call out your successes, pat yourself on your back for what you have achieved, and be proud in doing so! You’ll signal to others that it’s okay to be their own cheerleaders, too.

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Prithyukshaa Ravi
Prithyukshaa Ravi

Prithyukshaa Ravi lives with her husband and kid in London. She is originally from India and has been in the UK for five years now. She works in technology as a digital business analyst. She cares deeply about diversity in tech, and volunteers her time to promote STEM in schools. She is an ardent blogger and uses her blog to write about women in tech role models!

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