We are Sister, an independent media platform aimed at changing the narrative so that it genuinely represents and advances all who identify as women in STEM.

We believe that narratives shape reality. That’s why we are illuminating the real experiences of women in STEM and amplifying the voices that are challenging STEM to become more inclusive.

Our Story

Sister’s founder, Jenna, noticed the demand for content by and for women in STEM while editing a science magazine. At the same time, she was getting fired up by what she was personally seeing and experiencing within the STEM industry — it was evident that many STEM spaces were not welcoming or even safe for all people. Jenna turned to independent media as a way to tell the real story and push for real change. Thanks to Sister’s incredible authors and supporters, we are learning and growing, pushing the boundaries of the conversation, and finding our place in the movement to change STEM for the better.

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